The Bassment

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About the Bassment

The Bassment is a premier studio space located within Walker Street Studios, designed to cater to the needs of musicians, producers, and recording artists. With its focus on acoustic excellence, cutting-edge technology, spacious layout, comfortable atmosphere, comprehensive musical instrumentation, and professional support, The Bassment serves as a creative sanctuary where artists can bring their musical ideas to fruition and produce exceptional recordings.

Gear List

  • Neuman U87 Microphone
  • A Vintage Universal Audio Dual Channel 2-610 Tube Microphone Preamp
  • Tube Tech CL1B Tube Optical Compressor
  • Antelope Audio Satori Monitor Controller
  • Steven Slate Audio Raven MTI Core Station With 2 Raven MTI2s
  • Protools Ultimate HD

Acoustic Excellence And Cutting-Edge Technology

The Bassment boasts a meticulously designed layout with a strong focus on acoustics. The studio offers a controlled and pristine sound environment, ensuring optimal recording and mixing conditions. Equipped with top-of-the-line recording equipment and technology, including a wide range of microphones, professional-grade audio interfaces, and industry-standard software, artists can achieve exceptional audio quality and precision.

Spacious And Organized Layout

The studio’s spacious and well-organized layout provides dedicated areas for recording, mixing, and production. The carefully planned space allows for efficient workflow and creative freedom. Artists can move seamlessly between different stages of the production process, optimizing their time and energy.

Comfortable And Inviting Atmosphere

The Bassment has been designed to offer a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. The studio’s ambiance encourages artists to feel at ease and fully immerse themselves in their work. This welcoming environment fosters creativity and helps artists to deliver their best performances.

Comprehensive Musical Instrumentation

Recognizing the importance of diverse musical expression, The Bassment is equipped with a wide selection of musical instruments and gear. From high-quality electric and acoustic guitars to a variety of keyboards and percussion instruments, artists have access to an extensive collection of tools to bring their musical visions to life. This diverse range of equipment accommodates different genres and musical styles, ensuring artists have the resources they need to create their desired sound.

Professional Support And Guidance

The Bassment offers more than just a physical space; it provides professional assistance and guidance. Experienced engineers and producers are available to offer expert advice and support throughout the recording process. Their expertise ensures artists achieve the best possible results, making the most of the studio’s capabilities and enhancing the overall production quality.

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