The Skyyboxx

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About the Skyyboxx

The Skyyboxx is an innovative studio space situated within Walker Street Studios, designed to provide musicians, producers, and recording artists with a cutting-edge environment for their creative endeavors. With its inspiring design, advanced technological infrastructure, flexible layout, comfortable atmosphere, extensive array of instruments, and collaborative support, the Skyyboxx serves as a catalyst for artistic exploration and allows artists to push creative boundaries to new heights.

Gear List

  • Neumann U87 Mic
  • A Vintage Avalon VT-737SP
  • Vintage Universal Audio Dual Channel 2-610 Tube Microphone Preamp
  • Focusrite ISA 428
  • Digidesign C24
  • Raven MTI 2 27”
  • Protools Ultimate HD

Inspiring Design And Acoustic Excellence

The Skyyboxx features an inspiring design that stimulates creativity. With its modern aesthetics and attention to detail, the studio space sets the stage for artistic expression. Furthermore, the Skyyboxx incorporates advanced acoustic treatments, ensuring exceptional sound quality and an immersive audio experience for both recording and mixing sessions.

Advanced Technological Infrastructure

Equipped with an advanced technological infrastructure, the Skyyboxx empowers artists with the tools they need to bring their visions to life. The studio is outfitted with state-of-the-art recording equipment, including high-end microphones, top-of-the-line audio interfaces, and cutting-edge software. This advanced technology allows artists to capture and refine their sound with unparalleled precision and clarity.

Versatile And Flexible Layout

The Skyyboxx offers a versatile and flexible layout to accommodate a range of creative needs. The studio space can be configured and adapted to suit different recording setups, mixing preferences, and production requirements. Its adaptability ensures that artists can optimize their workflow and tailor the space to their specific artistic vision.

Comfortable And Inspiring Atmosphere

The Skyyboxx is designed to foster a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere. With its thoughtfully curated interior, artist-friendly furnishings, and ambient lighting, the studio space creates an environment that promotes focus and inspiration. Artists can feel at ease and fully immersed in their creative process, allowing their ideas to flow freely.

Extensive Array Of Instruments And Gear

Recognizing the importance of diverse musical exploration, the Skyyboxx offers an extensive array of instruments and gear. From classic analog synthesizers to state-of-the-art digital workstations, artists have access to a wide range of musical tools. This comprehensive selection enables artists to experiment, innovate, and sculpt their sonic landscapes with precision and authenticity.

Expert Guidance And Collaborative Support

The Skyyboxx goes beyond being a physical space; it offers expert guidance and collaborative support to artists. Knowledgeable engineers and producers are available to provide advice, technical expertise, and artistic input throughout the creative process. This collaborative approach ensures that artists can leverage the studio’s capabilities and refine their work to its fullest potential.

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